I have always loved working with nature.

In my childhood, faeries, tree nymphs and elves were very real, these creatures are behind the name FLORA.FOLK. They are the folk from the flowers, they deliver magic and colour from the unseen world.

This magical world shaped and nourished me; flowers sprung up at my feet, their aroma filled the air and as if in a dream colour exploded to fill my life. I use that energy to create the offerings that you see here.

Colour is one of the most important gifts of to nature to me, it gives me joy and happiness, and I believe colour is natures way of interacting with us, showing us worlds outside of our reach, enticing us to stretch our imaginations.

Magic is in every moment. 


My goal is to remind you of that magic by mixing nature's gifts of flora and natural fibres to produce luscious everyday self-care luxuries. Colour to embrace you and guide you.

Flora.Folk is about connection, connection to ourselves and our auras. Its about bringing colour into our lives and tuning into the earth, colour does all of these things. It is time to come back to our centres and consciously consume eco-friendly products that bring true joy!

Natural dyeing is a magical process allowing my intuition to thrive and exploration to flourish. No two items are the same and each piece is truly unique. Variations within the colour and fading over time can occur.

These goodies are hand dyed by me, Heather, in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia.