Natural dyes need a bit more care then your regular clothing items. Please take care when washing, this will ensure the colour lasts longer and remains vibrant. Your item should not fade quickly but will fade over time just like any other item, if your item fades drastically please contact me. 

All items are hand dyed by me with botanical dyes - I DO NOT use synthetic dyes - because each item is hand dyed the colour is not perfectly solid, there is movement within the colour which makes them unique and very special. 

They are perfectly imperfect & we like it that way.




Wool items need a bit more care then cotton or linen. Wool needs to be washed with cold water only, washing wool items in water over 40 degrees WILL shrink.

Using a wool & delicates detergent is important too. You also don't need to wash wool items nearly as much as other items. Hand washing wool is ideal but the 'hand wash' or 'delicates' setting on your washing machine also works well. Never tumble dry wool items, just lie them out flat to dry.



Washing Cotton or Linen items are easier then wool, you can wash naturally dyed items in your regular wash. 
Doing a dedicated wash for your naturally dyed items is a good idea, simply use the cold/warm setting and use a gentle detergent such as a wool & delicates  soap. If possible use a PH neutral detergent. Naturally dyed items will hold their colour longer if you dry your goodies in the shade or inside, the sun can lighten the colour of some dyes.

Linen items will soften greatly after a few uses, I try my best to soften all items naturally before sending them out.



Mulberry silk needs to be handled very gently, if possible please hand wash your silk items. A gentle hand wash in warm water with soft detergent works well.

If your silk items accidentally end up in the washing machine don't fret to much they will be okay. Silk also doesn't need to be washed as regularly as cotton or linen.